How we picked the name "Tono"

We are committed to being boldly inclusive, celebrating diversity, and embracing science and innovation.
December 19th, 2022 · 2 mins
How we picked the name "Tono"

Tono was named and branded with the help of renowned design firm Fuseproject, who has worked with iconic clients including Google, Nike, and Starbucks. Our goal was to create a brand that was boldly inclusive, celebrated diversity, and embraced science and innovation. After a month of workshops and user testing, Tono emerged as the top choice due to its easy pronunciation and alignment with our mission of expanding access to best-in-class care.

Our founder, Dr. Ghias, grew up in an immigrant household where English was not the primary language. She wanted to emphasize the importance of making care accessible to people who speak different languages. Tono hopes to be the bridge that helps underserved groups navigate the complex healthcare system and access expert care.

We worked with John Besford, who has three decades of experience delivering brand design leadership with some of the world’s most successful companies, including Samsung, GE, BBC, Alaskan Airlines, Charles Schwab, NFL, and T-Mobile. We aimed to create a brand that was both bold and approachable, celebrating the potential of modern medicine. The unique Tono logo was designed to build trust and connection between our dermatologists and patients, and the precision and science behind the brand are reflected in its balance and geometry.

The Tono color palette is bold and fresh, incorporating elements of science and technology while still feeling approachable and optimistic. The colors were chosen by Dr. Ghias after an extensive review of medical literature and analyzing MRI scans of how people react to different colors. Tono purple was selected to convey feelings of calmness and hope.

The lifestyle photography direction for Tono showcases bold, ambitious people of unique character and diverse backgrounds. We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals with the support of expert medical care.

We focused on differentiating the medical care our brand delivers from the aesthetically focused skincare branding that people are familiar with. At Tono, we are treating serious medical conditions with cutting-edge treatments, providing the same level of expert care that patients would receive at a hospital. We are committed to using the most advanced treatments available to help our patients reach their full potential.

Overall, our goal at Tono is to help patients reach their full potential with the support of expert medicine. Today, we are building on our brand identity by developing software and networks of specialist doctors to better deliver patient care. Our ability to innovate and deliver care reinforces our commitment to being boldly inclusive, celebrating diversity, and embracing science and innovation. It's exciting to see how technology is unlocking new opportunities in the field of dermatology, enabling us to reach and serve more patients and deliver expert care.