From Flare-Ups to Freedom: Jovette’s Story of Triumph with Tono Health

Discover how Jovette found freedom from the pain of Hidradenitis Suppurativa with Tono Health's virtual care. From misdiagnoses to a remarkable transformation, her journey embodies resilience, empowerment, and a virtual-first approach to personalized care.
April 1st, 2024 · 3 mins
From Flare-Ups to Freedom: Jovette’s Story of Triumph with Tono Health

In upstate New York, Jovette, a resilient professional and devoted mother, shares her journey with Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), a condition that has challenged her since she was a young girl. Her path from pain to empowerment with Tono Health's virtual care is not just a medical story; it's a tale of rediscovered self-worth and strength.

Jovette’s Struggle:
Diagnosed with HS at age 13, Jovette navigated misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments for years. "I felt like I was educating the doctors," she recalls. This resulted in only seeking treat once the pain was unbearable. This reactive approach prolonged the healing process and made it very difficult to move and function. The physical pain of HS led to many emergency room visits, but the deeper scars were emotional, impacting her self-esteem and social life. She missed important family moments and questioned her ability to form relationships due to the condition’s impact on sensitive areas.

Discovering Tono Health:
Jovette's breakthrough came when she found Tono Health through a post in the HS Warriors Facebook group. The promise of seeing dermatologists specializing in HS and treating skin of color provided a ray of hope. I remember thinking, " What is this? Can I really see a top specialist virtually? And would it be good care?” The accessibility of virtual consultations and coverage by her insurance were key factors in her decision. "It was easy to sign up online, and with hope, I waited for my first appointment," Jovette shares.

Virtual-First, Hybrid Approach to Personalized Care:
Jovette describes video consultation and regular virtual visits with her Tono Health dermatologist, who had extensive experience treating HS, were a turning point. "For the first time, I ended a call and was happy, like I had hoped," she reflects. “I was hooked, and enjoyed knowing that I have support from a medical professional with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. What stood out the most was the genuine compassion that really encouraged me to press forward. I felt connected to my doctor and excited for the advanced care plan we planned. At Tono, Jovette's treatment plan was advanced and personalized. It included biologics, antibiotics, and other therapies, managed through a hybrid-care model with local hospital coordination for a PICC line and home nurse visits.

Collaborative Healthcare Coordination:
Jovette’s dermatologist at Tono Health played a critical role in coordinating her broader healthcare needs, including liaising with her therapist, endocrinologist, and surgeons. This led her team of doctors to recognize that she would benefit from surgery, previously deemed too risky. Jovette’s dermatologists prepared her for surgery and managed her treatment before and after the procedure.

Jovette's Remarkable Transformation:
Jovette reflects, "I've reclaimed my life in ways I never thought possible. No more sleepless nights with debilitating pain. Now I can laugh with my son and live in the moment." She's been flare-free for over 10 months and has embarked on a transformative health journey, losing 80+ pounds and enhancing her overall well-being.

A New Life and a New Mission, Sharing Hope:
Embracing her newfound joy, Jovette now indulges in yoga on a stand-up paddleboard and violin lesson. She proudly wears pink, her happy color, and confidently shows off her scars in short sleeves. Determined to help others, especially young girls, Jovette is spreading the word about Tono Health's transformative care. "HS does not define us," she asserts. She is committed to guiding others to a similar path of health and happiness.

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