Employee Spotlight: Christine Yannuzzi

Christine is a HS patient advocate
February 1st, 2023 · 4 mins
Employee Spotlight: Christine Yannuzzi

Hello fellow HS patients and caregivers. My name is Christine, and I am a fellow HS sufferer, with an extensive family history of “boils,” yet, it was not until my daughter was diagnosed that we became aware that we were suffering from a disease called HS. Being a parent to an HS patient has been the most challenging experience of my life and is what motivates me to be involved and to help change the landscape of HS research, care, and treatment.

My involvement has spanned more than 10+ years and has given me the opportunity to speak publicly, attend conferences, sit on boards, admin support groups, meet and work with renowned HS specialists, and even co-author papers.

What motivates you to be so involved?

My motivation comes from my personal experience with HS and seeing the struggles that my loved ones have faced. I have felt the pain and frustration – I want to help make things better for other HS patients and their families. I want to raise awareness, advocate for better care, and provide support to those who are dealing with this disease.

What is missing in HS care today?

One of the biggest challenges that HS patients face is access to timely and knowledgeable healthcare. I have personally struggled to find the resources I need to care for myself and my family. I have been to doctors who don’t understand HS, received bad advice, and spent countless hours in the doctor’s office. These experiences are common among HS patients, and it can be difficult to know how to get the quality care that we need.

What are you doing at Tono?

At Tono, I am the Director of HS Patient Advocacy. I am working with doctors and patients to educate, spread knowledge, and connect patients to the care they need. I am helping to create educational content and tools for patients, and I am excited to connect with all of you and use your feedback to improve our solutions. I am also looking forward to working with HS specialists, software engineers, licensed psychologists, and other experts to share expert insights with patients in need.

Why are you excited for Tono?

I was introduced to Tono Health and was immediately impressed by their passion for addressing the challenges that HS patients face. They are building tools to connect patients with HS specialists, and they are dedicated to providing personalized, expert care that is affordable. This includes medical care as well as holistic support. Many patients are surprised to learn that they don’t just get prescribed medication, but instead start with a holistic treatment plan that addresses their condition from all angles. For example Tono is integrating licensed psychologists who specialize in treating patients with skin conditions. I am excited to help more patients access expert care.

What is the rest of the team like at Tono?

The doctors at Tono are all committed to improving care for all patients and have deep backgrounds in HS. The rest of the team comes from technology and business backgrounds and includes people who have friends or family members with HS or other chronic skin diseases. They are all genuinely interested in listening, learning, and building tools to help patients.

What do you like to do when you’re not advocating?

I currently live in upstate NY where I get to experience endless weather changes, amazing lakes and beautiful hikes. I have been married to my best friend for 28 years and am a super proud mom to an amazing nurse. I travel as much as possible and have loved hosting exchange students. I recently set a goal for myself to get my Bachelors before I turned 50 and did so with honors! In my free time, I can usually be found reading, combing the beach for seashells, or taking a much needed nap!

How can I also get involved?

  • Look for the instagram account: @tonohealth
  • Sign up for free at Tonohealth.com and press the button: "get started"
    Look out for virutal events, speaker series, and much, much more coming soon
  • Share with a friend, family member or anyone that may be excited to learn more